Differences in brushing /rolling and spraying your kitchen cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most important and used parts of the house. As the design of houses moves towards modern architecture and the use of modern-looking materials on the outside, the same trend is now being translated to the house’s interiors. People now tend to make their interiors look more premium and colorful. Not all colors are naturally available, and also people now tend to change the colors of their interiors with time. Changing the entire cabinet system just for the sake of change in color doesn’t seem to be a good option. The better way of achieving this is by painting your cabinets.

When we talk about painting the kitchen cabinets, there are various ways to achieve the objective. Brushing or rolling and spraying are the two options that are vastly used for painting kitchen cabinets. Both the techniques are different from each other and hence one should know which one to choose before painting their kitchen cabinets.

So, how does one know which type of painting technique would be better for their kitchen cabinets? The answer lies in understanding the difference between the two techniques. Here are the Differences in brushing /rolling and spraying your kitchen cabinets.

Paint Finish

The first and the most important point to consider is the finish you attain from the painting techniques. If you look for the difference between brushing or rolling and the spraying technique of painting, then you would get a better finish with the spraying system. Spraying gives a more consistent and smooth finish, while when you use the paintbrush, there are chances that you might see some paint runs and thick spots.

Drying time

The second thing to notice while you opt for one between the two (brushing or rolling and spraying) is the drying time. When one uses the spray-painting technique, the coating of the paint on the cabinet is very thin, which results in a faster drying time, whereas in the case of rolling or brushing, the paint thickness is more, and hence the paint takes a long time to dry off.


When you use the brushing or rolling technique for painting your cabinets, you have physical contact between your painting tool, i.e., the brush or roller, and the cabinet. This physical contact may leave roller or brush marks on the cabinet as the paint dries off. This will make the overall paint job look badly done. On the other hand, when one uses a sprayer to paint the cabinet, there is no physical contact between the cabinet and the tool, and hence you get a very fine overall finish.

Paint Use

Though the spray paint technique coats the cabinets with thinner coats, the spray paint technique still uses more paint than the brushing or rolling painting technique. In this way, the spray-painting technique becomes a more expensive form of painting the cabinets than that of the normal brushing or rolling technique. So, in case you are looking forward to painting your cabinets and at the same time want to save upon the cost, then the brushing or rolling technique fits the best to your requirements.

While you choose to paint your kitchen cabinets, the above-listed points may come as a good help to help you understand all things you need to check before opting for one.

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