Is it possible to paint kitchen cabinets in 5 Days?

Many homeowners like to transform the look of their kitchen at a low cost. Instead of renovating, painting the kitchen cabinets can make a huge difference. But, painting the kitchen cabinets can take time to complete. If you are planning to do it by yourself, it may take a lot of days for the job to complete. Accessing the assistance of a professional company can come to your rescue. Experts will skills and experience in completing such jobs can take around 4-5 days to complete the painting of an average-sized kitchen.  How can professional companies complete the job in a few days? They follow systems to ensure high productivity and efficiency that will promise results every time they provide their services to the customers. Here is what you can expect when you seek the assistance of professional paint companies

Day 1

During the first day, the professional focuses on protecting your kitchen from the spills and splashes of paint. They cover granite countertops and other installations in the kitchen. The team lays out the builder’s paper on these areas. This action will also prevent any scratches. You can also feel at ease as the experts protect the kitchen appliances with materials such as builder’s paper, blue tape, and plastic. The kitchen floor also gets covered before the painting starts.

Days 2 and 3

The following days the team prepares the cabinets for painting. It includes sanding, cleaning, and removing grease from the surfaces. Then, the team primes the cabinets.

Days 4 and 5

By the fourth day, the team must apply one coat of paint. It is allowed to dry for the rest of the day. It is a significant step for a professional finish. Finally, on the fifth day, the team applies the second coat of paint. After painting, the team removes all the paper and plastic used to cover the floor, appliances, and other areas.

In simple terms, if the experts start the painting job on Monday, they can finish it by Friday. If you have a big kitchen, the job can extend to Saturday. In some cases, the homeowners like to add two colors or they wish to use a different stain. The use of different colors can delay the work. It is also applicable for the finish. It is needed as the painters need to protect everything while applying the second color.

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