Know the Best Time to Paint Your House Interior and Exterior?

Getting your house interior and exterior painted varies according to the weather and climatic conditions. It is not an activity that can be carried out just about any time of the year. Depending upon the weather conditions, let us discuss when we should have the exterior and interior of the house painted.

An Appropriate Time to Paint the House Exterior

We want the paint to dry off quickly, so naturally, summers provide the most necessary conditions for that to take place. For the paint job, you should start in the early summer or early fall when there are minimal variations and fluctuations in the weather, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted paint drying.

Moreover, it must be ensured that the content of humidity is under control as it can also deter the paint drying process in the stipulated amount of time. Typically, humidity could further extend the drying process. Furthermore, the extremely hot temperature outside subjects the paint job to crack, resulting in poorly finished work. As a rule of thumb, a check on the weather forecast beforehand must be practiced to plan out the paint job in advance. Similarly, appropriate wind levels are equally essential, wherein a light breeze is accepted but no strong winds, in order to avoid any paint overspray or clumping in the process.

The Appropriate Time to Paint the House Interior

Contrary to the exterior paint job specifications, the most appropriate time to have the house interior painted is during the winters. There are various reasons to carry out the house interior paint job during the summers and not winters: –

  • Since the moisture content in the air during winters is limited, it is quite suitable for the house interior to have the paint job conducted during this time. Less humidity in the air leads to better paint cohesion, avoiding cracks that would usually occur post the process and preventing a longer time for the paint to dry off. Further, dehumidifiers can help prevent the excessive build-up of humidity in the house interiors. 
  • As we are talking about the interiors, it is important to consider that the paint fumes could play as a health hazard to the people inhabiting the house. Moreover, it is important to consider the release of foul odor after the paint job takes place, which may again pose an important factor in selecting the most appropriate paint type.
  • It is best to prevent inviting people inside the house after the paint-job has been conducted, as it could further delay the process of drying up due to accidental smearing of the freshly-coated paint job.


As per the guidelines mentioned in the above sections, it can be concluded that the most suitable time to paint the house exterior is during summers, whereas painting the house interior can be appropriately conducted during winters.

In any case, extremes in the weather conditions for both summers and winters should be avoided, as well as keeping a check on the humidity levels is a desirable practice.

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