Which Is the Best Season to Paint Your Home in Washington

Painting your house is one way to enhance the overall look of the house. As a house gets older and is tested with the tide of time, the paint of the house starts to wear off. After all, whatever the weather around be, hot and sunny, wet and rainy, dry and snowy, it is the paint that has to bear the first wraith of it, and it is the paint that protects or defends the house against such weather phenomenon. In a way, we can say that the paint is not just an aesthetic part of the house; it is also a shield to the house.

Painting a house, both the exterior and the interior, is not an easy task. This uphill task requires a lot of time (depending upon the size and area which is to be painted), labor, and money, and hence it becomes very important that whenever it is decided to get the house painted, the time is optimal for it. You would not want the paint to start falling off as soon as you got your house painted because the walls were too wet to hold the paint. All your efforts, money, and time will go in vain in this case. So, that raises the question of when should one get the house painted? What is the best season to paint your house in Washington? Here are the answers to when to get your house painted in Washington.

1- Exterior Paint

Compared to the interior paint, the exterior paint gets worn off more rapidly, given that it is directly exposed to the outside weather. And since the paint is exposed throughout its life cycle, it becomes very important that exterior walls are painted at the right time so that the paint can sustain for a long. In Washington, the exterior painting season starts in late April and ends in October. The reason is that the paint requires a dry surface to sit and settle on. The paint also needs to dry off slowly. In case it’s very hot, then the paint may crack, which would not suit the house’s aesthetics. Summer is also a good time because the walls of the house are dry due to the continuous beating sun, allowing the paint to have a strong base.

2- Interior Paint

Contrary to the exterior painting, the interior painting is done during the winter months. The reason for painting the interiors in the winter months is that there is less humidity during the winter season, which allows the paint to dry and settle off slowly, giving the paint a proper texture. Most people assume that it is the hot weather only which is the best for painting the house interiors, but that is not true. When you paint your house in the winter season, that automatically increases the life of the paint by some margin. November to March is the best season to get the house’s interiors painted.

Getting your house painted is a very technical process; it is not that you can just bring some paint and paint rollers, and you are good to go. Optimal wall temperature, humidity, moisture in the walls, painting techniques, layering are the crucial factors that make a paint job successful. Therefore, if you are planning to get your house painted, get some professional help so that you can increase your paint and house life.

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